31 May 2016

my reader

Calvin graduated from preschool last week, and although there was a program it wasn't crazy or over-the-top. They made graduation caps out of paper plates and bowls and a tassel from cheerios. It was highly preschool appropriate, as opposed to a friend's ceremony I witnessed on Instagram where the preschoolers wore real-looking caps (?) and gowns (double ?).

Of course, the pictures of the program are on Nate's phone, so this shot of him crawling out the front seat on his way in on the last day will have to do. That and some facts.


Calvin had 8 kids in his class and three of them are from his last year's class, so it was a fun group and he liked them all. He wrote them each a love note for the last day.

He learned how to read this year. One day it was all --------? and another day it was all, "I AM SAM. SEE SAM. SEE ME." I was so proud of him. It is cool to have a kid who can kind of read.

His teacher is retiring from teaching so Norah can't go there next year. Which is fine I guess since she can't go anywhere if she's not potty-trained, which she's not.

Calvin always gets in and out of the car by himself, but for the life of me I could not get him to open the door to his teacher's house to go in. The routine was that she would open the inside door when she was ready for students to enter, and then they could just walk in and go to the preschool room, but he would wait on the porch every time for a classmate to join him, and make them open the door. It was a curious habit, and I wonder why. Five year olds, I tell you (are awesome).


Nate said...

did the pics i sent you not make it back from space?

julis said...

I love him so much! I think he's awesome, eccentricities and all. And you're a good mama (else how did he turn out so awesome? huh?).