19 May 2016


6:15 - Magnolia awakens and requests some milk. I oblige.
6:40 - I am up anyway, so I go for a walk outside.
7:15 - I return, eat a hearty breakfast and feed my family. Then I shower and bathe all the kids, which means all five of us were clean at about 8:30 am. (Miracle.)


And then it went downhill quick. Especially after I tried to cut Calvin's hair, even though I have vowed never to do so again. It always turns out terrible and he absolutely hates it (and acts like I am ripping off his toenails) and it always makes me really really mad. But for some reason I thought this time would be different. It wasn't. 

I texted Nate about my poor decision, to which he replied, "Stop that."

The rest of the day wasn't terrible, it even involved a milkshake, but I couldn't shake it. After dinner and kids' bed Nate mowed the lawn, and when he came in I hardly spoke to him. I was mad because I had been feeding Magpie literally the whole time he was out there. For some reason that made me especially mad. I went straight to bed without even saying goodnight. That is probably better than whining and forcing his sympathy though, do you think?

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julis said...

Sometimes it's better to go to bed rather than say something. The better part of valor, or something like that.

As far as Calvin's hair -- get some clippers and buzz it in the summer. It grows like wild weeds, and it'll be long again soon. Just tell him that the last Saturday of every month is haircutting day. If he lets you cut it without howling like a banshee, he can have XYZ (or whatever bribe will work for him). You won't have to bribe him forever. Also, I'll be there in a month and I'll cut it for free. :-)

Also, I love you!