24 June 2016

endless struggle produces dirt on my shirt this time

Some of my favorite books to read are the ones that make me want to get up and do something. But yes, I'm sure you can see the problem with that--as soon as I get up to do the something I am no longer reading the book I liked...and I just want to get back to reading it. This time, my favorite Duchess Deborah inspired me to plant the two pepper plants, the tomato plant and the basil plant in very sunny spots in my garden.
They will probably die soon. Maybe tomorrow or next Tuesday. And my garden is overrun, like overrun with weeds and ants, so being in it is depressing and terrifying. Next year we are laying down weed barrier as soon as the snow melts and that is a fact. 

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julis said...

but maybe they won't die! And if they don't you'll get something good out of it. (this is what I told myself each year) (apparently it's genetic) (it's not so bad)