30 June 2016

maladies the internet taught me i have

Well, for one thing, I have tryptophobia, which I just stupidly googled to make sure that's what it was called. I wondered why I always hated the cutaway images of plant cells in science--they are just plants after all. But tryptophobia is why. My inner forearms are still shuddering. (That is where it feels the worst when I see tiny circles. Which is of course very weird.) Other things I can't stand: beehives (with or without bees) and plant buds coming out of the ground. Ok, I have to stop now.

I also have Kaukokaipuu (which I'm not even going to try to remember). It is the severe homesickness for a place you've never been, except I've been both places once. (UK & Maine.) And that is why I hung up the maps in our office; to remind me to save our pennies for these trips I have planned.

I also have Minimalism, but not in the beautiful white-walled, all wooden or wicker way. (I wish.) Just the plain old minimalism way.

I, however, don't have the social-media-mandated-seemingly-mandatory wishing time would stop disease. I do have the no-more-logical wishing it was 100 years ago disease, but that has nothing to do with the internet, obviously. The last Anne Shirley book (which I just finished) is about World War 1, so I've been thinking about 100 years ago more lately. It would have been a pretty terrifying time too.
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