16 June 2016

me and anne and marilla and toby and sue

From the official Green Gables house

While Nate's cousins were staying with us last weekend I roped them into giving me a free interior design consultation. Melissa has great taste and Ali actually is an interior designer and helped their grandparents with their beautiful re-do a few years ago. I realized my ideal style is half Green Gables, half Toby and Sue, which is apparently not a real style since when I googled it three of MY pictures from MY blog showed up. Which leads me to ask why am I the only one talking about Toby and Sue on the internet?

We've decided to relocate (ok, I mean rebuild) our bookshelves and that is about it. Well, either that or put all the living room furniture downstairs and all the downstairs furniture in the living room.

I have been reading the entire Anne of Green Gables series since Magnolia was born. It has given me more than interior design inspiration and era-envy. (That is a thing.) It has made me be more friendly with my neighbors and clean my house better, and not that I really needed the reminder but I also take the time to enjoy the glory of trees and flowers and storms and other nature things that I already love. I borrowed the 8 books from a neighbor, and I have one left; when I finish it I will return it with a pound cake, because I think that's what Anne would do.


Catherine said...

Perhaps I should read them again too! I am a terrible neighbor and it would be nice to be better....

julis said...

The great thing about Anne is she isn't perfect. Sometimes she says or does things that make you wince. But she learns and grows! It's a good pattern for life, I think. and pound cake gets 2 thumbs up!