22 June 2016

when daddy comes home

Whilst the Robertsons were here, Father's Day was here. 
We had the Petersos over for burgers as a tiny gesture of our gratitude for them.
Ted saved Calvin from a lump-for-a-mother over the last year while I was pregnant and newborning with the invention of GRANDPA DAYS (or was it daze). Swell father-in-law, him.

 And mother-in-law, regardless of the Father's part of the Father's Day.
And Nate, the Father of the Century. 
(PS In case you didn't know, Using random Capitol letters makes things More Important.)

And MY dad. Well, he was in New Mexico as usual. We facetimed, but it wasn't enough of a celebration. We are going to have to fix that when we see him next.


Jess Stricklan said...

Burgers, cards, lanyards, it's all pretty laughable. That's OK though, parents seem to like us anyway, so we'll keep on doing the "one day a year" thing. And, I guess, look forward to our turn...

Also, seemingly random capitol Letters might just mean that You are speaking the German Language. In that Case, the Question is which of these Words are Nouns (but not Pronouns, as I understand it.) Ja wohl.

melissa said...

I Didn't know That about German. How sillY.