19 July 2016

and she's back

For a few days over the weekend Magpie was all---tsz tsz tsz!
And wouldn't sleep.
And wouldn't eat enough, and wouldn't eat when I wanted her to quiet down, like when Nate and I tried to date. 
I sort of had a meltdown during which I was mean to everyone, mostly Nate. We are all glad she is back to her easily snoozy self and I don't have to act like a stressed out frazzled mom.
 And unrelatedly, our room looks decorated now! I moved the big mirror to our room but it didn't seem quite right, so I  moved my dresser into my closet and we hung two of gramps' photos above our bed (and then scooted them an inch closer together the next day...perfect!). Now our room looks nice and cozy. And rather monochromatic...blue, no surprise.

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