07 July 2016

what a blessing

 The reward of staying for the whole meeting was that you got to be in this picture. So my dad, Evelyn and the Brian Clarks lost their chance on that one; sorry guys. I bet they regret their choice now.
 My mom watched Norah flit from gentleman to gentleman in the row in front of us. I was too busy not watching any kids to notice but I can't say I'm surprised.
 Magnolia got the surprise of her little life when her dad did the thing everyone says they're going to do; changing her name at her blessing. Of course, we already have a birth certificate and a social security card without the update, but I was highly in favor of it and slightly amused. Magnolia Maren Rowan Peterson! We really really had a hard time picking just one name.
In which someone looks handsome and someone looks bored. Or hungry. 

My parents and Andy and Jack stayed for days. It was like, two and a half! I think we have a new record. We made them play board games and I think they secretly liked it. 


Catherine said...

We always try to make them play board games too but rarely succeed. Let's both keep working on them and maybe in a decade or two they'll REALLY like it! :)

julis said...

Hahaha! But seriously, what a blessing! Now I need you to send me all these pictures. Because I came home and got a new phone and none of my pictures from the weekend carried over to my new phone. :-/