04 August 2016

i think i'm gonna like it here (sung in annie voice)

 I have had the gall this past year to claim not to like living in this little hamlet we live in. The lack of proximity to Mack Park and Smithfield Canyon was the biggest problem for sure, but I kept saying it was because there was nowhere to walk. But I was wrong, fellow man. I admit it with my hat in my hands. There are not a lot of good running route options, but walking? We do fine. We see beautiful skies, poplars, sycamore, maples of all sorts, hydrangeas, peonies; baby lambs and ducklings and horses all the time. My kids know what alfalfa fields and dairy cows smell like. I think that's enough criteria for a good place to walk after all.
 Excuse me, baby lambs, I didn't know what I was saying. I've changed my tune.

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