17 August 2016

mo-ommm! i know!

She says that to me every day, multiple times. Like, duh, mom; you are soooo lame.

Today she faceplanted running down the ramp outside the hospital after Maggie's checkup. A couple hours later, at home, she said, "Mom? Mom? Do you ever fall down?" I said, yeah, I fall down. She said, "I fall down sometimes too." Yeah, kiddo.

That rainbow outfit is typical of her choices. I want to try to make her dress like a 1960s child but every morning I end up letting her pick her own outfits. (By the way this video of 1960s kids clothes is ridiculous and I in no way think you will watch 10 minutes of it, but it is completely accurate as to what I'm going for. As opposed to what she's going for...) There is this one blouse I made her, a shortened version of a dress she wears to church (and likes), and I love it and sometimes contrive to have it be her only option. Monday when that happened she said, "I'll just not wear a shirt." She also flat out refuses to wear the knee socks. She is on board with the leather Mary Jane's, however, and thinks they're "fancy." So there's that at least. I still manage the pigtails nearly every day, though, and braids when I'm lucky. (Mom, are there any other fashions of your childhood I could incorporate that you think she'd go for?)

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julis said...

hahahaha! You would never let me dress you. Never. Remember the braided hair taken out on the way to school? Remember the mismatched outfits? hahahahahaha

ahem. In addition to knee socks, I was fond of the ankle socks with lace (folded down). Round collared shirts/dresses, but you know that one. Oh, plaid pleated skirts with elastic around the waist. A-line everything, including jumpers (a dress overall). Blue canvas boat shoes (tennis shoes with the thick white rubber sides, kind of like Converse but not Converse). That's all I can think of right now. I'll let you know if I think of other ones.