12 August 2016

olympic -or- if the internet's not here for airing complaints, what's it here for?

When I place Magnolia on the floor she has begun the backwards scoot - getting momentum from rocking and putting her little heels down, pushing off, and skipping backward one inch at a time. She's an athletic prodigy, in other words, and I keep trying to show her her fellow athletes at the Olympics, but as everyone knows, you can only watch the Olympics if you have cable which is insane. There is an antenna on our roof but we can't figure it out, so we just scoot around the floor restlessly, feeling left out and depressed. Thanks for nothing, NBC.

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star said...

I hate the no cable, no Olympics thing! My hubby bought a $20 antenna at Walmart and now we can watch the Olympics! Apparently you can also make one with foil. I hope you can figure it out because we have been loving it!