07 August 2016

our threenager

 She's, like totally, three.


Our Norah Strongbaby asked for a strawberry cake, so I made her one. She asked for a water bottle because hers smells bad, so we got her one...and then ran to the sporting goods store to get another one when I looked at the tracking information for it and it said it wasn't supposed to arrive for another week. Ahem, but then we checked the mail and it had arrived. And she hugged it when she opened it. Anyway.

We bought a mini-pool so we could re-enact her arrival day three years ago (me sitting in a chair in the backyard, watching Calvin play in the little pool).  

Norah is like no one else. I understand her least of all three of my children because she has a mind of her own. I like that about her, except when her will differs from ours as her parents. She is also the most like Veruca Salt, like she wants what she want and she wants it now. But she is also the complete opposite of Veruca, because she says "Thanks, mom," for lots of little mom-tasks I perform for her expecting the be unthanked. She thanks me for dinner, for filling up her water bottle, for making a strawberry cake, for washing her undies and keeping her hair from getting snarls, always saying, "That's nice of you," or "You're a nice girl." 


Catherine said...

It is hard to live with a child you don't understand (#Nikolai). I'm glad that Norah has good sides too!!!

julis said...

If it was a proper re-enactment, I would have been there. I wish I was! I saw a picture the other day of Calvin watching Cars on my computer (which I took while you were at the hospital), and couldn't believe how little he was. She wants to talk to me, but she doesn't have much to say when you call. She likes to be with people, although she doesn't necessarily need to interact with them. Norah shows a lot of empathy. She's a loving big sister. And she likes cake and sparkles! I like watching her grow up!