13 August 2016

spread your wings little one

 Calvin is about to start kindergarten and become a school kid. We are all so excited and only a little bit scared.
"Mom, when it was four weeks before you started kindergarten, were you a little bit scared that you wouldn't have any friends?" he asked.
I for sure wasn't, not being a worrier like he is. But I told him I was. Was that wrong?
 He has grown so much this summer. Like seriously, he is four feet tall. He sat on my lap to go down a waterslide last week and I couldn't even see over his head.

This week he sent me this letter. That is our address, by the way (and my initials!). He went outside and looked at our house number to make sure I got it. And I did! But that's because he just handed it to me. The inside had an index card inside that said, "Calvin and Nora" (which he didn't ask to help spell) and a heart. 
Kindy is lucky to have him. I just hope he will be able to 1. Stop talking long enough to do kindergarten stuff and 2. Not tell his teacher what to do all the time and 3. Find some sweet little friends. I am not really worried about any of the above, though. He will be awesome.


julis said...

Oh, my heart! Calvin will be awesome at/love school. You were definitely not worried about school or friends at that age (and truly, not ever that I'm aware of). It is completely fine to tell him you were, because worriers need to believe it's possible to xyz and if someone they know tells them it's possible, it seems to help.

Catherine said...

I am so excited for Calvin! Not bossing the teacher might be hard, but finding sweet friends will be easy :)