29 August 2016

the fact of the matter

Having a baby sort of gives me tunnel vision, and just out of view is the thing called fun. Or variation. Or effort to make my kids' childhoods special. I start thinking everything outside my strict to-do list is too hard and not worth the stress. And I'm sort of right, I'll admit. Doing less is definitely the way to go. But when it got to the point that I didn't even want to go to the pool with Nate and the kids he realized I was slightly off my rocker. So this month I have been slightly course-correcting, with the help of the slightly cooler temps coaxing Nate out of the air conditioned hibernation we've all sort of been hiding in this summer.
We have been to some parks, up the canyon, to catch frogs, and last weekend it was backyard camp time.

 The children, led by Captain Calvin, got ready at about noon.
We roasted hot dogs, ate watermelon and soda pop, mowed the lawn real quick, and then watched Harry Potter.

I put Magnolia to bed and then the other children and Nate and I lay on the tramp looking at the stars for a while. 
The kids were tired and happy and thought it was all very exciting. I liked it too; I don't spend a lot of time outside after dark these days, and I like to. It was chilly and cozy and then I went inside in case I was need as a dairy, and Nate and those two kids slept till dawn. Which is fortunately almost 7 these days. It was an awesome summer night, just in time for summer to end.

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Catherine said...

Ooh, I feel your pain on that tunnel vision thing. I get it too! (and it tends to linger for wayyyy to long...) I'm glad you got to go outside at night! A year or two ago, I realized that I'm almost never out after 8 (because by then the kids are in bed) and how nice it can be to go out and see the stars.