10 September 2016

fine house

Here are our most recent home "improvement" updates:
A couple of weeks ago we had some very nice gentlemen rip a hole in our roof to create a peak vent. They basically just sliced a slit down the length of our house. Okay, and covered it with a vent and shingles. It is hoped that it will prevent any moisture buildup up there in our vaulted living room ceiling.

The next day a sprinkler pipe we share with our southern neighbors burst. He and Nate and another neighbor from around the corner fixed it after a couple of tries. The first glue was 100% guaranteed and 100% did not work. That made neighbor Daines mad. 

Yesterday I took the cupboard doors off the cabinet to the right of our stove. I hope people don't think it is my weak attempt at "open shelving," because it sure would be a sad attempt if it were. If anything it looks like we can't afford cupboard doors. I just wanted to use that cabinet for once. With doors, nothing fits in there because of two things: it had a big weird spice thing in the door that made the door extra thick, and even with a regular door it would have been hard to reach in around and use the shelves because it's in the corner weird. So once again I chose function over form, but I don't know how long it will last until I'll have to put the doors back on out of embarrassment. But it's so practical. It is hard being so practical.
Nate passed this sagging building on his way to scout camp last month and knew I'd like to see it. Now that is 100% true, but what is practical about that, I'd like to know? 

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Catherine said...

Function over form every time!!