07 September 2016

grooming/aging/some truths

I think the #1 indicator that Nate and I are getting old is our increased grooming practices. 
Example 1:  Nate bought beard balm so he doesn't look like Jerimiah Johnson. 
Example 2: The other day I looked like the old lady who lived in a shoe and I couldn't think of what to do about it. I routinely get dressed into clothes instead of workout clothes, I (usually) shower, and I wear makeup, but my extremely low standards for these things aren't cutting it anymore and I just avoid looking in the mirror (and delete pictures of myself). THEREFORE I decided to perform an experiment. I blow-dried my hair and I wore lipgloss and an outfit that didn't include my 5-year-old grubby grey boxy t-shirt. Well. I am older. No one confuses me for a youth anymore. No one is surprised when they hear my age beginning with a 3. Sometimes when you get older you have to spend five minutes on your hair. These are some truths.
Also true: Nate's increased maintenance is still substantially lower than mine. As you may have noticed all it involves is putting some product on his lovely Viking beard. This is most likely because he is 10 months younger. 

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julis said...

hahahaha yes, 10 months younger makes ALL the difference in grooming. But seriously, you always look lovely to me, and I'm especially a fan of your dark lips. You wear that stuff well!