22 September 2016

say goodnight

Way back when Norah was two (August 5th) she was such a good sleeper. She would tell us she was tired, she would go to bed without any complaints, she would never ever come out of her room.

And then she turned three. And then there were tears, tantrums, door kicking and screaming. It was pretty un-awesome. We are pretty good at sticking to our guns and not letting the kids get away with stuff like that, but all of our discipline was very unhelpful and made things worse. After a few hours we'd find her asleep on the floor by the door with her light on and her room completely torn apart. It made me sad, but what's a mom to do? So dad took the kindness approach, was patient, didn't scold, asked if she wanted help with things, stopped threatening, let her leave the light on, and now we have to get her a drink or something most nights, but it's been a while since there was a traumatic nighttime scene. And now she falls asleep in her bed and Nate takes pictures of it. Atta dad.

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Catherine said...

Three is not a good age for sleeping, it seems. I think it goes hand in hand with being the same age where kids want to make ALL THE CHOICES but still can't. It's hard.