01 September 2016

the days up until second day

 We went on a date. It was jolly. He chose Big J's in Richmond because they serve "snow cones" with the food. But they don't, at all! They have milkshakes, and for some reason that word escapes him time and time again. 
 We bribed and wheedled and finally Nate put his foot down and plugged in the buzzers. He got that school trim that every good boy deserves.
 Day 1. He got on the bus and drove away. It was awesome, and I cried a little, but mostly held it together.
Day 2. They don't look like they miss him...
But mostly he doesn't miss us.


Catherine said...

I am so happy for Calvin! That kid has needed to go to school for 3 years. But I am sorry he doesn't miss you. It's always nice to be missed (just a little bit, not too much!)

julis said...

He doesn't miss you because he knows you are there. That's a good thing. He has the confidence and security that growing up with a good mama gives. And those two girls! So sweet! xxoo