06 October 2016

a picture of each kid / it was monday

 1. Calvin.:I told him he had to wash off the bike tire marks from his legs before school. He wasn't happy about it. Later I found these images on my phone, which he took to preserve the tire marks.
 2. Magnolia: She moves. A lot. She planks. She rolls. It's cute. But also, she has this big huge bump on the inside of her cheek that she bites on all the time and it has gotten so crazy I took her into the doctor this week. Of course he said there is not really anything to do about it at this point, but that it probably won't go away and will probably need to be removed by a dentist at some point. Yay.
3. Norah: her outfits these days! They are all about half my fault because they are all about half sewn by me. But once you give your child license to dress themselves I have found it nigh impossible to retract that privilege. So she does, and it is amusing. Sometimes I trick her into choosing what I want her to wear, but it is so hard it is only worth the effort on special occasions. Luckily she is so spunky and cute her crazy clothes usually just come across as charming.

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