25 October 2016

all the books

For the past year Calvin has been really into read-aloud chapter books. I try to include Norah, but she is three. So she gets bored and a little attention-deprived, but lately we have been letting her pick a book to read to her between chapters of the big book. She has been really into Caps For Sale. 

Some of my favorites we've read are:
Winnie the Pooh
House at Pooh Corner
the first three Harry Potters
and our current selection (a birthday present), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I tried to get The BFG but the only bookstore in Logan didn't have it and I didn't have time for the Internet Machine to send me a copy. I have loved Roald Dahl since I could read, but he is so good out loud too. I like Charlie much better reading it to my children than I liked it as a 10-year-old reading it to myself. (I preferred Matilda, The Witches, and the BFG.)

What's next?


star said...

The Little House on the Prairie series had my kiddos enthralled (grown ups too)!

melissa said...

Oooh good idea, Star!

Catherine said...

The fact that Calvin was ready to read Harry Potter 1-3 is exciting to me (I keep wanting to read them with Niko but he's too small still for sure). He might enjoy the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull too. Other good books: Peter Pan and the Borrowers. Also, A Series of Unfortunate Events might be a bit over his age right now, but probably not for long.