11 October 2016

coinciding and no photo

I am trying to write a blog post but Nate is looking over my shoulder. I can't blog while he's watching (too nervous). But I'll try.

I was looking forward to having my family come to stay at our house for months. As in I'd been looking forward to it for months, not that they'd be staying for months (just to clarify). And then the weekend they were coming turned out to be the weekend of Gramps' funeral. Not great. I was grateful my parents could hang out with the kids, and especially that we could leave Maggie home for the whole extravaganza, but of course I wanted to spend more time with them and take at least a single picture! I took a few of George and our hike with the T&Js, but I failed at parental recording.


Catherine said...

I always do that too--look forward to people coming for months and then don't take a single solitary picture of them. It's a habit I want to break!!

julis said...

Dad took some. I'll send them along. And I was so glad to see everyone! I want to win the lottery so I don't have to rush back to work and can just laze around with Magnolia and Calvin and Norah and Jack and George (and Niko and Miri, if we can get them out of Eastern Europe). That'd be the life! and at night I will learn to like playing games with the grownups so everyone will be properly tended to.