07 October 2016


 Nate's grandpa passed away on Wednesday. 
He was 90 years old; born in 1926. 
What a life he had, and what changes the world went through during it.
And what an impact he had on Nate.
He spent most of his growing-up life in small-time Smithfield, where his dad ran the big pea plant across the street from his pretty, symmetrical white house with green shutters. He played with local kids and rode bikes and shot birds. He and his brother fought in WWII, he went to USU, fought in Korea, went to art school in California, took pictures of LDS church leaders in Salt Lake, built a beautiful house in Smithfield, taught photography at USU, taught Nate how to catch lizards and drive the Trail 90. He had a stroke shortly after we got married, so even though I didn't know him personally as well as I might have, I know him through his legacy.
There's really no chance for it, but I hope to be about 1/4 as cool as him.

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