05 October 2016

my first pancake

This champion kid has reached the ripe old age of SIX! Sometimes I treat him like he's sixteen! And then I remember his lanky legs may make him look old, but not that old.

He really really really wanted a watch at the end of summer, and I bought one about a month ago and it was really hard for me to wait to give it to him. It was worth the wait, everyone: he hasn't taken it off and hugs it intermittently. Punctuality is very important to him, as he showed when he showed up at 8 am on his due date. (He loved hearing that.) 

We had lemon cake (obvs).
We invited his friends to the park. They were a pretty adorable neighborhood gang.
We had Jack & Andy over for dinner.
To balance out all the books and dot-to-dots, we also got him a rubberband gun. 
We got toys with wheels from both sets of grandparents. What could beat that?

He's such a smart, funny kid. And so good looking. Just like the love interest in a Rom-Com.  

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