03 October 2016

on a golden autumn

The third south hike is fully beautiful this time of year. I'm still not sure if it is called Dry Canyon or not, but let's just say it is and no one will be able to argue, since there are about sixty Dry Canyons around here anyway. What's one more? 

We went up with our old hiking pals, and this time the boys barely fought! They may be friends someday after all. A few days later we went up Birch Canyon and it was also a success--so much so that Alisha and I ran up it 6.5 miles the next day. (I'm still sore.)

It seems a little dumb to say "I'll never" or "I'll always," because you never know what you may change your mind about, but I'll NEVER live away from mountains and I'll ALWAYS love them. (Probably.)

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