27 October 2016

that anne of green gables quote about october

 The other day on the phone my mom was trying to quote that Anne of Green Gables quote about October, and it didn't even matter that she couldn't remember it because any way you say it, October is the best. We've spent more time outside this month and gone on more hikes than we did all summer. (I need to ask all those "summer people" who aren't excited about fall how they deal with the heat.) I've been running more and have done a couple really hard trail runs up Birch Canyon (with Alisha--and I fell last time and got an awesome scab and bruise) and a few long road runs. 

Unrelated to the weather, but related to October is the amount of oatmeal I've been eating. Tons of it. I've gone through a couple big canisters. It's the only thing that has noticeably helped my milk supply. It's so weird to me that it works! But if I quit for a couple of days because I'm soooo sick of oatmeal, Maggie sure notices and I spend the day nursing an unsatisfied baby. It is really the weirdest. I'm highly considering stopping anyway, because phew. It takes a lot out of me. (But my pro/con list is pretty even so I haven't decided what to do yet.)
(Country road take me home to October.)

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Catherine said...

I'm not sure who those 'summer people' are but I'm with you--fall is the best! I actually prefer September to October--it's all golden leaves and golden light before we descend into wintry darkness, but in October you start to get mornings and evenings that smell frosty and snowy and I love that.