24 October 2016

u turn onto cheerful alley

Last week Bitty texted me and in 20 words or less we arranged for her to come up and visit. That is just the way Bitty texts, and I like that, because she is such a verbal person in general that her sparse texting habit makes me laugh.

The thing that makes her totally insane is that she loves being pregnant and having babies, and wants to do that nonstop as long as she can. I love that about her because it completely mystifies me. I really needed some of that mothering wonder in my life last week, because at our house there was much too much mothering disdain because of low milk supply, crying babies, fighting siblings, lots and lots of nursing and very little sleeping. Just spending an afternoon with my old pal really gave me a u-turn, and my attitude got a boost and I started eating more oatmeal again to give my milk a boost (which also mystifies me but really works). The feeding and sleeping hasn't sorted itself out quite yet, but I'm back to being ok with it.

Not only that, but the 3-year-old (mine) and 2.5-year-old played together like little elves all darn day and it was awesome and sorry I don't have time to proofread this because BABY.

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