01 November 2016

ooo-OOOO went the wind and OUT went the light

According to me, Halloween costumes have to be
1. Free.
2. Home-assembled.

LUCKILY, luckily for everyone else involved, Nate's mom and dad (just kidding, I'm sure it was 100% Nate's mom) made and kept a lot of costume equipment. Nate is much more festive than I am and spent about $2 acquiring items fit for a pirate (and a new Rosie the Riveter hair hanky, which I didn't even get a picture of). 

Things I didn't do to celebrate:
1. Decorate, besides pumpkins on the porch. Of course pumpkins on the porch! And Nate and the kids carved them on Saturday.
2. Make themed food. But I made a pumpkin pie! So I guess that's a lie. Nothing is more pumpkin-themed than pumpkin pie from a garden pumpkin. (But it wasn't even that good [soggycrust] and I wish it was.)

At this point the kids don't know better so they still had a lot of fun, but I hope they can enjoy my style of low-key celebrations when everyone else around them had sixteen costume changes and trick or treated every business in town and had fake spider webs in their living rooms. (We had real spider webs along with our porch pumpkins!) I feel a little torn between not wanting to let my family down (Nate The Festive included) and not celebrating like myself. Last year I celebrated with a late-night fast food grilled chicken sandwich while Nate and I watched Inspector Morse. I was so sick and hungry and Nate went out to get it for me and I was just so grateful, and celebratory. Maybe I'll try to work that in again next year, because it was a great way to end the night. (Not the pregnant and sick part, just the sandwich part.)

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