19 November 2016

speaking of which

Here are transcriptions or translations or something of some of my favorite notes Calvin has written lately:

(To Norah) 
Sorry for pestering.
Sorry you are sad. xoxo CCP
Dear Norah, I'm sorry I took your bracelet. I just had to get out some anger.

(To me)
You are like the sun. I love you. I hope you get your wish.
I hope you don't leave.
Mom, I'm gone. Sharpen my pencil.

(To Nate)
Nate 3, Nate 3, Nate 3
Bye Bye, I love you. CCP (this one is for when he is a grown up and moves away)

He also wrote a note to his teacher and two of his classroom aides the second day of school that said he loved them. He has written love notes to a couple of girls, his friend Duke, and Maggie.

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julis said...

So great! He's a champ. Definitely save the one for Nate for when Calvin moves out.