20 November 2016

thankful for / aka there were never such devoted sisters

Norah is so lucky I had Maggie! 
You know what's funny? Since I've had a boy longer, I feel a lot more like a "boy mom" than a "girl mom," even though I have twice as many girls now. It is such a relief and a surprise to me that they already love each other's company--they're pals. Norah no longer holds the power to calm down a crying Magnolia (I think she is just distracted from her goal (me) less easily now when she's upset. She's gonna hold out for the mother-pick-up so even though she likes Norah she keeps up the waterworks.) --but they play and chat and laugh together...And sing duets wearing matching sequin dresses and giant feather fans. Sisters, what lucky girls.

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julis said...

We are all lucky you had Maggie! Love those sweet girls!