17 November 2016

thankful for

I just love Calvin's school and him in it. 
I know homeschool is getting so trendy and the instagrammers make it look pretty fun, but the only thing that makes me really think about it seriously is not being dictated by school schedules. What I mean is, around here, the 11 year olds have to be out of the house before 7am to get to school on time. That is not cool! Not okay with me. But for now, with his schedule not messing up our lives, school is amazing.

1. He is good at it, for one thing. If it were discouraging for him, that would be a whole different ballgame--I would still like his school, but this season wouldn't be quite as golden. He likes his homework page every day, he does it quickly, and we have fun talking about what he learned. He uses vocab words, he sings songs, he spells and does math, just for fun. He loves to write notes to us, and he has gotten extremely prolific in the past two months.

2. His teacher is wonderful, for another thing. She is a friend of mine from our last ward, and I thought she was great then, but NOW--Now I know she teaches 25 5&6 year olds all morning and then turns around again and does it again in the afternoon every dang day. And she is great at it. She does have several classroom aides, who Calvin also knows and loves, and that makes his classroom even better.

3. It makes him happy. He just comes home happy which is pretty much the best recommendation there is. 

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julis said...

It makes me so happy to see that this is a good season at the Peterson house!