26 December 2016


 Calvin and Norah were such good little kiddles waiting on Christmas morning for the A-OK to come upstairs. They had to wait for Nate to snowblower the driveway because we had a wonderful Christmas Snow. It was powdery and everything looks wonderful now.
They were also good kiddles and were very excited about their presents and said thank you and played with the toys for hours afterward. Maggie even had the decency to sleep through the gift-opening. Then we had church at 9:00 and it was a really nice mostly-music sacrament meeting. 
This is the picture I took on Christmas Eve morning when I was a big sissy and turned around on a trail run with some hardcore runners. It was slick and steep and I was just like, "Sorry ladies, gotta go!" and turned around and ran allllll the way down. Ha. 

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