06 December 2016


Crackdown. Crack down...crack-down? That's a word, right? It's starting to sound absurd, but it's what I've been doing at home. CRACKDOWN areas: Sleeping, eating, and not arguing.

I committed to sleep training Maggie the day after Thanksgiving, and I really stink at it, but night time is now under control. Morning naps are not under control. Now she will crawl around her crib or STAND UP IN IT instead of sleeping, but if I don't give in to her she does eventually sleep, which proves I'm right! Sadly I am the worst sleep-trainer because the sound of a baby screaming is torture to me. (And to prisoners of war, or so I've heard.) So I just have to pray the m&ms hold out for the duration that she screams (more screaming, more m&ms, duh).

Our dear petite three-year-old one has always had a hard time sticking to meals and mealtimes. She's not a bad eater if you serve what she wants. Here are some things she wants: candy, cookies, milk, olives, crackers, milk, candy and cookies. And sometimes cheese. (And just for fun, here are some foods she'll ask for and then not eat: yogurt, toast, oranges, applesauce, carrots.) My general feeding philosophy is to not make a huge deal about eating an entire plateful of food, but kids are required to taste everything every time it's served. And then we usually have dessert for those who ate an adequate amount of non-treats. It's not scientific but it works. Or I should say, worked. It no longer works, for one specific child. So my new philosophy is NO SNACKS EVER. Which is no fun, but maybe she'll eat something someday again.

And last but not least, our little arguers are seeing a lot of the inside of their rooms because Nate and I are done listening to them pick (and yell) at each other. I am baffled about disciplining this one, because being sent to their rooms hasn't helped AT ALL, but I don't know what else to do. On Christmas tree day (pictured above), they spent the entire lighting of the tree in their rooms, and I would have let them stay in the whole decorating part too, but Nate was worried they'd miss a family tradition so we let them help. And then we recorded it in fast-forward and posted it on Instagram, where it looks cute and festive.

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star said...

I need to crackdown too! House hunting, packing, moving, unpacking, new schools... so lax because we have to just survive! Right now the fighting is the worst!!! No clue here either, but I do make them give 10 hugs and kisses which usually ends in giggles.