22 December 2016

milk drunk

I just almost posted a really long post about the trials of breastfeeding Magnolia but I got bored proofreading it. It would have been written like this: 
The Trials of Breastfeeding Magnolia

But anyway, she was supposed to be getting milk drunk and falling asleep a few minutes ago, and she didn't (as usual). So I turned on some twinkle lights in the kitchen, made myself some hot chocolate, and prepared to make pumpkin bread instead. Let me just summarize the deleted post: breastfeeding this baby has been a trial. (Have you ever heard of milk blisters?) 

Now here she is cozily asleep on her auntie Carly at Calvin's Christmas concert last week. Because not only is breastfeeding going the way of the buffalo, but napping is becoming a TRIAL as well. (Except when Carly holds her.)

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