21 December 2016

the little house in the big woods effect

We read The Little House in the Big Woods early this winter, and it was so very fitting for the season. I don't think it is Calvin's favorite book we've read this year (no whizzpopping or anything) but we did both like it--the descriptions of slaughtering a pig and patting a bear on the nose and driving to cousins' house for Christmas in a sleigh. Very cozy and wintry: even though half of it takes place in the warm months it just seems like a winter book. Not only that, but once we started reading it, it popped up everywhere. In lists to read out loud to kids, Christmas gift ideas and even the new Gilmore Girls! Nate calls that The Little House in the Big Woods Effect. 

Similarly cocooning ourselves inside this December like the Wilder family, we have hardly gone outside at all. Who am I. It has been colder than usual this December--really cold. Also...BABY. So even though I am sad to admit it, we haven't used the stroller once in December. Just typing that makes me want to go for a walk. Anyway, here are some things we've been doing instead:

Watching Calvin's kindergarten Christmas program, which was amazing. Kindergarteners are the best singers and they don't care who knows it. They also like to do actions and hummmm on kazoos.
 This year in addition to getting her Master's and her regular teaching stuff, Trudy had foot surgery and decided not to make six million gingerbread houses. We were like, GOOD, please go rest so your foot can heal...but we wanted a gingerbread house so Carly and I took the responsibility together and made a couple. I (as I knew I would) was pretty bad at making the gingerbread, but they actually turned out, and it was fun. 
 The other morning I had to take Andy to an appointment at 8:15, but Calvin wasn't awake when we had to leave so Nate took him to work with him. When we went to go pick him up, they were eating breakfast from the cafeteria and hanging out in the conference room. We've visited Nate at work dozens of times, but this time was just a little different and more fun. The kids watched the cheese slicers from above and Nate pointed out some of the more notorious employees to me. It was exactly a year ago that Nate applied for his job and we both thought--MEH, it probably won't work out and it probably isn't that great of a job anyway. Weren't we the wrongest. He was so miserable last December. His new job has been such a blessing, such a huge answer to our prayers and fasting (his, not mine--I haven't fasted for so long, thank you pregnancy and breastfeeding), and such a relief. 

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julis said...

I was thinking about that the other day, too. Last year, every prayer for Nate included "help him find a job where they appreciate him." And he did, and they do, and I'm very grateful. Plus, breakfast with dad in the cafeteria is the best!