14 December 2016


I have been avoiding Walmart for years. Years and years. But for some reason, Target still hasn't gotten the memo to open a store here, and so from time to time I venture in and hope I leave without swearing. (It is just a stressful place.) Well believe it or not but I took all three children there last month, didn't swear, and bought the perfect blue snowpants for Calvin. He awesomely can dress himself in snowclothes now, and he does. It's been snowing a bit this week and he outfits himself and goes and and shovels snow. I just want to know how to bottle that. 
 I haven't joined him for much frolicking because I'm almost always feeding a baby, but the other day I wasn't, so we went out. Maggie liked it, or at least didn't hate it. 
Also regarding Walmart: I have ordered my Christmas cards there (online) for three or four years now, and they are always perfectly fine. I'm not saying they're the quality of all these "presses" that spam me with coupons in November, but they are fast and look fine. And even after a 40% off coupon they are still half the price of the so-called presses that spam me with coupons. So there's that.

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