22 January 2017

a little cute

9-month skills:
Crawling fast (she looks like a robot)
Pulling herself up to stand, and letting go, and gingerly lowering herself down to the ground
Climbing stairs
Responding to Maggie, Magpie, and Magnolia
Knows what the "more" and "all done" signs mean (not that she does them back though)
Laughing at her siblings
Sleeping through the night, usually (7pm  - 6ish am)
Eating many foods (she doesn't like purees; she wants to gum things down)
Having the sharpest fingernails in existence
Dancing when she hears music
WAVING! (Especially to Nate)
Eating things off the floor
Weighing almost 15 pounds

crawling down stairs

1 comment:

julis said...

That look is my favorite. She's delighted and proud! And getting teeth late is a family tradition -- it helps them stay good longer? Protects them from cavities? (it's the same theory I have about hair that is delayed growing in -- it seems to be better hair when it finally appears)