26 January 2017

empty threats

In my ongoing pursuit to rid the world of sibling fights, I said today, "If you fight one more time, I'll just move your bed into Norah's room while you're at school and if you have to share a room maybe you'll get along."

Well. The response to that was a) confusion on Norah's part, with her thinking I was just going to trade their beds (which she was opposed to), and b) "I'll do ANYTHING to not share a room with her!" on Calvin's part. Also, "I'll just take my toys and leave and never stop traveling so you won't be able to find me!" and "I'll just go into my room and sleep there even without a bed." and, from Norah, "Who will be in the green room? What will happen to it?" So I just let that one drop, gave Calvin a cookie and sent him on the bus. But what are we going to do about them?

1 comment:

julis said...

If Calvin will do ANYTHING to avoid sharing a room with Norah, he'll stop fighting with her. So there's that.