21 January 2017

knowledge is power

One thing I like about Calvin is that no knowledge is purely academic for him. Everything he learns, he puts to work in his life.

The day the primary learned the Geneology song, he pointed out an old photograph, asking if the woman was someone's progenitor.

He saw a sign on the bedroom door at a friend's house during a birthday party, so of course the practical application of that was for him to make a two-sided "Do Not Disturv" and "Kum in" sign for his own door after a fight with Norah. (He was undaunted when I pointed out to him that Norah can't read, and I applaud that too.)


julis said...

This quality will serve him well in his academic career. But maybe it indicates that he will be an engineer??

Nate said...

This picture was taken while he was using the calculator on my phone and I was teaching him about multiplication.