26 January 2017

the drifts of '16-'17 are high

I'm sort of worried the snow will rise and rise until it's even with our roof, and then we'll be living in an igloo. It just keeps on snowing (she says, as if she's never lived through a winter before). 

All that bragging about not getting sick has really caught up with me this year. I was miserable with breastfeeding maladies last month and now I have a cold. A cold, I know, is nothing to write home about, except that it has knocked me out pretty hard this week and I'm writing about it. I see the outside from inside most of the time these days, and I'm telling you, the snow is creeping up to the windowpanes.

1 comment:

julis said...

oh my! Not too long until you hear the prancing and pawing of each tiny hoof on your roof! (sorry you're sick)