09 February 2017

hiking and not hiking

 We did some hiking things and some non-hiking things on our trip, but mostly the planned events were hiking. Because I was in charge. On the temple quarry hike, above, I wondered how babies nap on vacations where there is no hiking. I have no clue.

One big event for Calvin was going to the Black Bear Diner. Nevermind that it has expanded to a couple locations on the way to St. George; to Calvin going to St. George means going to the BBD. Note to us, for like the 5th time: We adults only need to get one meal and split it for heavens sake.

 And the hotel pool. We swam twice in two days, so I'd say it was worth choosing the Comfort Inn over a pioneer-era stone home that was my second choice (but no indoor pool). 

The other activity I found was a museum: Brigham Young's winter house. No need to mention that I wish I had a winter house down south, but it would hardly have been a vacation back when he lived there. Although that couch would do just as nicely in either era, I do say.

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