02 February 2017

one more thing about norah

Norah has been on my mind a lot lately, and there is one thing I keep meaning to record: NORAH'S SCHOOL.
We thought it was cute and totally normal when Norah started talking about stuff she learned at HER school after Calvin started kindergarten. She would say she learned how to play ring around the rosie or she would sing a made-up song and say she learned it at her school, and it was funny. But more recently her school has been off the charts, teaching-wise. The other day she came up with the name Desiree, which is much different from her usual made-up-sounding names like Kaybee or Cheechee. I said, "Where did you learn the name Desiree? Was it in a show?" And she said, "No. I learned it at school." And I really did try to figure it out. Like, was church her school? No. Was it from a show? NO! It was from her school. There have been a couple of other instances where her school has taught her things I didn't know about in the past week or two, which makes me wonder just when she is attending this magic school of hers. And if she gets there from platform 9 3/4?

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