16 February 2017

playing some b-ball outside of the school

This is the first week this year that Calvin hasn't had a basketball game to go to on Saturday. I really liked the games. I liked watching Calvin play and run around. He scored two baskets during his last game. He really liked it too. He would play hard defense sometimes, and sometimes look around like nothing too pressing was going on. He would do the tipoff because he was the tallest. Now what an accomplishment is that? He brought Gossner milks last time because it was our turn for drinks. Now, I don't want to be a crazy shuttle mom, taking kids to and fro from sports all my life, but dang it it is fun to watch them play sports.

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Jess Stricklan said...

Oh! Oh! That's going to be fun! Also, I wish I was there to have mooched a Gossner chocolate milk. The milk is... different... here. Sad!