08 February 2017

rock climbing

 Rock climbing, climbing rocks, same diff. When we went on our winter excursion to The South last week, we spent a couple of hours in town at what is called Pioneer Park, or Dixie Rock. Later, across town, Nate pointed out a tall mesa with the word "Dixie" on it and said,"That's the rock we were atop!" And I said, "Really? I didn't realize it had writing on it." And only now, as I type this, I am putting it all together. Doh. 
 There was the customary standoff between a boy who wants all the things and the parents who say you can't bring those in the car, along with the compromise settlement of a photograph of the beloved items. There is one of his rocks too.
This is atop Dixie Rock. Which has the word "Dixie" written on its face. Obviously.

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