01 February 2017

short stack

This stack of clothing contains 3 pairs of pants and 5 shirts. 

These are the clothes that a certain 3-year-old will no longer wear. The remaining 1 pair of pants in her wardrobe is rainbow striped and "not bumpy" like these pants are. I actually really really get being uncomfortable in pants so I took said 3-year-old to Old Navy last night and let her try on all the pants. I mean all the pants. She was really excited, and loved it. It was fun. But too bad all the pants were also "bumpy." 

We left empty handed. 

Luckily January is over and she will wear 3 pairs of her tights, so if she will continue to wear them, and if she'll wear all five of her dresses, and if they can hold up for the next 2.5 months of twice-weekly wear, and IF I remember to put the rainbow pants in every load of laundry I do, she will survive. (That is a lot of "if"s--we may be in trouble.)

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