14 February 2017

valentime 2017

 We didn't get a chance to get groceries today because of two girls napping. We had scrambled eggs and smoothies instead of actual food and we all enjoyed it. Nate came in just in the nick of time, but too late for photos.  

Calvin made hearts out of cardstock for his class valentines, writing "From Calvin" and sticking lollypops on them to hand out to his classmates, and when he got home from school I was glad to see that he was not the only home-made valentiner in class. There were lots of fun ones, and he ate about sixty pieces of candy before dinner. Maybe that's why he was happy with just a few bites of eggs. I, on the other hand, am still hungry (I ate one piece of his candy, but I also just ran 5 miles on the treadmill), so I'll go eat a pink-frosted sugar cookie now.

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