22 February 2017

we're back in business, you're such a big mess, and i love you

 Migglesworth is TEN MONTHS old!
What a delight.
Here are some Magnolia facts:
1. She crosses her feet in her high chair ~ presh
2. She loves to wave in her funny backwards way. 
3. She claps instead of signing more.
4. She loves to pull up to standing and sometimes lets go and just stands there.
5. She likes to have nonsense conversations. Her: Doh da da da! Me: Doo doo ba! Her: nnnnDuh! Me: Boo! Her: big giggles
6. She is back to sleeping like an angel a well trained baby.
7. She stopped breastfeeding in January. Formula is expensive. But I think it contributes to #6.
8. She actually plays with baby toys. Neither of my other two children did that. She likes to put stuff into her mouth.
9. She highly overreacts to getting her face wiped, just like her darling older brother did (does).
10. She hasn't any teeth yet.

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