08 March 2017

another post titled "typical"

WHOOOOO is surprised that I want to sell our house, buy a 105-year-old, restore it, and move to it?
Anyone? Bueller?

Where does the blame lie?
1. Old Man Winter? (probably)
2. Nate's realtor friend who is absurdly optimistic about the selling price potential? (probably)
3. The roof? (probably)
4. The kitchen? (probably)

I have realized we are just the type of people who after a big messy party would move instead of clean it up. You know the ones.

1 comment:

julis said...

Well, if you could make some money on the flip . . . and could make the 105 year old kitchen work (remember your last old house) . . . and still had a room for me . . . and a climbing/play house for Jack . . . I vote sure!