01 March 2017

no money but plenty of large hair bows

I've read through Hannah's journal again--I thought I hadn't finished it but as I re-read I realized I mostly have. She mostly writes about where her kids are living and who has had babies (and lost babies), the price of spuds in Shelley where they lived, and which of their houses they're moving around to or renting out. Melvin moved around a lot, Raymond lived and taught school down in Richmond, Utah, (just north of me) and Bernice was still at home, going to school. She and Eva both taught school for a few years and one of them (I can't remember which) got the pregnancy/marriage timeline backwards, which Hannah barely mentioned but was rather bummed out by. Ostlin lived "out to Roberts" for a while, and all the boys had to end up getting jobs (in addition to playing music for local dances) since farming wouldn't pay.

While she was still finishing up raising these nine kidlets, she had Ada, Connie and Leona (Ostlin's girls) living with her. So as she had high schoolers, she took on toddlers again. When they were eventually all gone, she said it was a little quiet around the house, but was surprised to enjoy that. She says many times in different ways, "We have plenty to eat and wear but no money."  They look wonderful for having no money, I'd say. I think Eva is the girl in the middle: I want to make my girls look like her! That wonderful hairbow.

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