16 March 2017

sunny days

 Spring has arrived rather early this year, and yet not a moment too soon. It was the dooziest winter and no one is sad to see it go. Even though March can usually go back and forth between winter and spring a lot it is really more forth than back this year.
On Saturday Nate and I are fleeing the country for a few days and probably because of that, this week is trying to kill me with pinpricks. Long working hours, caring for a burned baby hand, three-year-old-training*, PINK EYE, for heavens sake, running headaches, and regular plus vacation prep housework are all just being as pesterly as possible. Well I'll show all them, when I get on a plane and wave goodbye.

*Three year old training is the thing where three year olds are sort of the worst because they are testing and retesting every boundary every day. This specific 3 year old is not a quitter. As we learned with her "sleep training" months (years), she doesn't give in easily and three-year-old training is proving to be similar, only related to eating, getting dressed, and extreme reactions to small irritants. But I swear WE WILL succeed.

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Catherine said...

That photo with the deer at the top is magical! Also, I feel you on the three training. I love my children, and every age has its ups and downs, but three was a lot a lot of downs. Two is great and five is magical but three was rough!