12 March 2017

the babiest hands

Wednesday afternoon I was folding laundry, watching Poirot, and the gas fireplace was on. The girls were just messing around until all of a sudden, Maggie was touching the fireplace glass and not letting go. She screamed and was in pain, but she held on because I don't know why! It seemed like it took me about four hours to reach her from my seat six feet away, and by that time there were some pretty serious burns. 

I sort of panicked. I'm not good in dire situations. Luckily I panicked for only the length of time it took me to carry her upstairs and call Nate and the hospital. Then we got all our shoes on and made it to the ER within a half hour of the incident with little to no evidence of my panicking.

I wrapped a wet washcloth around her hand and as I held it there, I could feel the heat in her hand.
 We had to take her down to the U of U burn center the next day where were got our instructions on wrapping and maintenance. It's, like, a serious injury, but not, like TOO serious. She'll heal, she doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain (Loritab and Ibuprofin), and it's all ok, but it still looks disgusting.

 And now she acts pretty much normal, except she's not eating as much as she should and she has seriously revolted about taking her pain meds, which is a terrible idea, but she won't listen to Nate and me about it.
Nate and I are also fleeing the country next weekend for a few days, and I'm not happy about the timing of it, but I think it will be ok. And I'm never turning the fireplace on again. 

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Catherine said...

Ahh that baby hand picture!!! You are amazing for being able to contain your panicking.